Sea Activities

Sea activities can be arranged through the lodge, with a private owned dive centre on the lodge

Diving - Inflatable 8 ½ meter super duck, X2 Yamaha 85 engines
Wet and dry deck
18 Dive rack
We cater for small as well as large groups
Comfortable pontoons
All our dives launch from the beach at PALM GROVE .
Divers meet at the activity centre for a pre-dive briefing.
We are fully equipped to cater for all gear requirements. ( Wetsuits, Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Buoyancy Compensator, Weight belt, Cylinders)
Contact Allan at +258 825 767948 Snorkeling - Snorkel along the vibrant reefs and enjoy the intriguing marine life that Mozambique has to offer

Deep Sea Fishing

Experienced local skipper, Gilly service, Bait up, Assist,
Bait: Local popular carapal or ripalas
Boat fully equipped with rods, tackle and extra requirements.
You need to bring - snacks and beverages – hat and sun screen

Mangrove guided hiking trails

Mangrove guided Hiking trails:
Explore the undiscovered mangrove swamps
Embark on an informative leisurely guided walk through the mangroves.
Discover the undercover life / eco system of this unique mangrove swamp and leave with respect and in awe of all creatures small.
Bring your binocs, comfy shoes, sunscreen, hat, water bottle but most important, leave your watches and cell phones at home.
The only time restriction for this hike is set by the tides, remember here nature prevails.

Family fun trips

Design a fun trip to your requirements
Book the super duck exclusively for your family.
Start with a sea safari where you amble on, view the light house from the sea, watch the local fishing boats, admire the primal skills of luring and hauling a catch onto these minute boats with shear manpower. These skilled fishermen have the knack to fish successfully where all motor and modern technology fails. It forces one to realise that there is a difference in fishing for fun or out of necessity to provide for the pot.
Enjoy an encounter with the whales. Admire the playful grace of dolphins. Don mask and fins and swim with these beautiful creations.
Take your family to Pansy Island, pack sun screen and lunch and watch young and old find their inner child in pure enjoyment of what stark nature has to offer.
Body boards available to use in the small shore breaks and amuse onlookers.
Ihnambane (2)
Sea activities


Kayaking - Equipped with comfortable seating, tie downs to secure rods and paddles, and a dry compartment.
Enjoy paddling the calm waters of Mozambique.
Go fishing with the local fisher men.
Ideal for exploring the mangroves on either a self paddle trip or a guided tour.
Available in doubles and singles.

Sea Safari's

A sea safari is so aptly named after its land bound alter ego.
We embark on a scenic trip to find the whale sharks, whales and dolphins with the shore constantly in sight.
Masks and fins are at hand for the ultimate experience when the opportunity avails to join these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.
These trips are made on our super inflatable double hull duck.
The boat launches from the beach at Palm Grove. With families on board this only gets undertaken on perfect sea conditions.
The pontoons ensure comfortable seating.

Quad Bikes - guided tours

Visit the Light house, drive through the back of Praia de Barra and view all the private inland lodges and private dwellings.
Pass local dwellings and view very interesting explicit hand painted stores.
Admire hard at work local inhabitants tending their land.
Reach Tofo – a cosmopolitan town with a quaint market.
Visit the slave freedom monument and execution hole.


Discover the hidden treasures that Inhambane has to offer.
Inhambane is a 20 minute drive from Palm Grove, this makes it an excellent past time should the weather be foul, or a break from our golden sun is called for.
Join us on a historical tour through this architectural rich town.
• View the churches
• Visit the open air market where you barter for fresh produce.
• Purchase fresh seafood for your supper.
• Purchase unique local art work.
• Take a dhow or ferry trip to our neighbour town Maxixe.